2 F2 + 2 NaOH → OF2 + 2 NaF + H2O – Balanced equation

Or you want a quick look:

This is an oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction:

4 F + 4 e- 4 F-I (reduction)

O-II - 4 e- OII (oxidation)

F2 is an oxidizing agent, NaOH is a reducing agent.

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  • F2
    • Names: Fluorine , Fluorine-19
    • Appearance: Yellow compressed gas with pungent odour ; Pale-yellow to greenish gas with a pungent, irritating odor.
  • NaOH
    • Names: Sodium hydroxide , Caustic soda , Lye
    • Appearance: White, waxy, opaque crystals ; White hygroscopic solid in various forms ; Colorless to white, odorless solid (flakes, beads, granular form).


  • OF2
    • Names: Oxygen difluoride , Oxygen fluoride , Hypofluorous anhydride
    • Appearance: Colorless gas, pale yellow liquid when condensed ; Colourless compressed gas with characteristic odour ; Colorless gas with a peculiar, foul odor. [Note: Shipped as a nonliquefied compressed gas.]
  • NaFSodium fluoride
    • Other names: Florocid , Sodium fluoride (as F) , Floridine
    • Appearance: White to greenish solid ; White crystals or powder ; Odorless, white powder or colorless crystals. [Note: Pesticide grade is often dyed blue.]
  • H2OWater, oxidane
    • Other names: Water (H2O) , Hydrogen hydroxide (HH or HOH) , Hydrogen oxide
    • Appearance: White crystalline solid, almost colorless liquid with a hint of blue, colorless gas
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