AlCl3 + 3 NaOH → 3 NaCl + Al(OH)3 – Balanced equation

Or you want a quick look:

This is a precipitation reaction: Al(OH)3 is the formed precipitate.


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  • AlCl3Aluminium chloride
    • Other names: Aluminium(III) chloride , Aluminum trichloride , Aluminum chloride
    • Appearance: White or pale yellow solid | hygroscopic ; Colourless-to-white powder. turns grey-to-yellow on exposure to moisture
  • NaOH
    • Names: Sodium hydroxide , Caustic soda , Lye
    • Appearance: White, waxy, opaque crystals ; White hygroscopic solid in various forms ; Colorless to white, odorless solid (flakes, beads, granular form).


  • NaClSodium chloride
    • Other names: {{unbulleted list , Salt , Table salt
    • Appearance: Colorless cubic crystals
  • Al(OH)3Aluminium hydroxide , Aluminium(3+) trioxidanide
    • Other names: Aluminic acid , Aluminum hydroxide , Al(OH)3
    • Appearance: White amorphous powder ; Odourless white solid in various forms
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