C3H6 + H2O → C3H7OH – Balanced equation

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  • C3H6
    • Names: Propene , Propylene , CH2=CH-CH3
    • Appearance: Colorless gas ; Colourless compressed liquefied gas
  • H2OWater, oxidane
    • Other names: Water (H2O) , Hydrogen hydroxide (HH or HOH) , Hydrogen oxide
    • Appearance: White crystalline solid, almost colorless liquid with a hint of blue, colorless gas


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  • C3H7OHPropan-1-ol
    • Other names: 1-Propanol , N , -Propyl alcohol|n-Propanol|n-PrOH|Ethylcarbinol|1-Hydroxypropane|Propionic alcohol|Propionyl alcohol|Propionylol|Propyl alcohol|Propylic alcohol|Propylol}}
    • Appearance: Colorless liquid ; Clear colourless liquid with characteristic odour ; Colorless liquid with a mild, alcohol-like odor.
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