CuO + C → CO + Cu – Balanced equation

Or you want a quick look:

This is an oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction:

CuII + 2 e- Cu (reduction)

C - 2 e- CII (oxidation)

CuO is an oxidizing agent, C is a reducing agent.

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  • CuOCopper(II) oxide
    • Other names: Cupric oxide , Copper monoxide , Copper oxide
    • Appearance: Black to brown powder
  • C
    • Names: Carbon black , Acetylene black , Channel black
    • Appearance: Odourless black pellets or extremely fine powder ; Black, odorless solid.


  • COCarbon monoxide
    • Other names: Carbon monooxide , Carbonous oxide , Carbon(II) oxide
    • Appearance: Colorless gas ; Odourless tasteless colourless compressed gas ; Colorless, odorless gas. [Note: Shipped as a nonliquefied or liquefied compressed gas.]
  • Cu
    • Names: Copper , Copper (dusts and mists, as Cu) , Cu
    • Appearance: Solid in various forms. turns green on exposure to moist air ; Reddish, lustrous, malleable, odorless solid.
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