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Therefore, we hypothesized that those children affected would have a preference for the foods they actually ate in a visual ' line-up ' of all the items.

In other words, phonology is very much about the temporal line-up of chunks of speech.


This line-up attests to the fact that theatre's presence was far from paltry in the marketing of the phenomenon.

Completing the line-up are overview and summary chapters that begin and end the collection.

A stellar international line-up of scholars presents the fruits of recent research, stimulates debate and sets the agenda for the future.

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I would also like to inform you that the perpetrators of the attack against my assistant were apprehended and appeared in a line-up this week.

The organisation has an extremely interesting line-up which includes four of the former giants of the old-fashioned cinematographic industry.

I am delighted to join the late night line-up discussing our great cathedrals.

When we came to discuss the second question, namely, the form of the future constitution, the line-up of the parties was quite different.

If there were a referendum, the line-up would be fascinating.

Some of us are not at all happy with the present line-up.

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Here, the line-up of views expressed is a good deal more varied.

In a quick line-up we are outnumbered three to one.

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It is most important that we should not be seen to have a kind of racialist line-up in this matter.

That result, reversing the political line-up on the council, was no accident.

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