SiO2 + 2 Mg → 2 MgO + Si – Balanced equation

Or you want a quick look:

This is an oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction:

SiIV + 4 e- Si (reduction)

2 Mg - 4 e- 2 MgII (oxidation)

SiO2 is an oxidizing agent, Mg is a reducing agent.

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  • SiO2
    • Mg
      • Names: Magnesium , Magnesium (powder) , Magnesium (pellets)
      • Appearance: Grey powder ; Silvery-white metallic solid in various forms


    • MgOMagnesium oxide
      • Other names: Magnesia , Periclase , Magnesium oxide fume
      • Appearance: White powder ; Hygroscopic fine white powder ; Finely divided white particulate dispersed in air. [Note: Exposure may occur when magnesium is burned, thermally cut, or welded upon.]
    • Si
      • Names: Silicon , Si , Element 14
      • Appearance: Steel-grey crystals or black-to-brown amorphous powder ; Black to gray, lustrous, needle-like crystals. [Note: The amorphous form is a dark-brown powder.]
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