Susann von Lojewski: A Journalist’s Journey

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Susann von Lojewski is a highly respected and influential figure in German journalism. She currently holds the position of overseeing the ZDF studio in Nairobi, Kenya. What sets her apart is the vast scope of her journalistic responsibilities, as she covers a remarkable 36 out of Africa's 54 nations. These countries are often characterized by political tension and instability, making her role even more challenging and significant. Von Lojewski's dedication to reporting on these regions showcases her commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive coverage of the complex issues and events unfolding across the African continent. Her work undoubtedly contributes to a better understanding of Africa's diverse political landscape and its impact on the global stage.

Early Life and Family Background

Susann von Lojewski, born on September 17, 1964, in Frankfurt, Germany, comes from a family with a strong background in international diplomacy. Her father, Gunther von Lojewski, was a renowned diplomat and lawyer who served as the German ambassador to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. He also held a prominent position in the German Foreign Office as the director-general for Africa and Latin America. Gunther von Lojewski's contributions to diplomacy were significant and long-lasting, shaping international relations until his passing in 2014 at the age of 82. Susann's mother played a crucial role in supporting her husband's career while raising their three children, including Susann. As a devoted homemaker, she accompanied Gunther on his various assignments, exposing their children to diverse languages and cultures. This early exposure had a profound impact on Susann, as she became fluent in English and French, which greatly influenced her successful career. In her personal life, Susann is married to a supportive spouse who works in the energy sector. Although his identity remains private, his commitment to their family is evident. Despite his frequent travels between Africa and Germany, he consistently supports Susann's journalistic pursuits and cherishes moments with their daughter, Lena. Lena, their 18-year-old daughter, is currently studying at an international school in Nairobi. She shares her mother's passion for journalism and photography and often accompanies her on assignments to gain hands-on experience. Lena plans to further develop her skills by studying media and communication in Europe after graduating from high school. The von Lojewski family serves as both a support system and a source of inspiration for Susann. They share a love for global exploration and adaptability to different countries and cultures. Their story exemplifies resilience, mutual respect, and a shared vision to embrace the world's rich diversity.

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